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big bag 1m3 - Celtacal+®

(Big Bag 750Kg approx.)

Celtacal+® + is the only organic liming fertilizer amendment made in Galicia from natural aragonite.


  • Vineyard
  • Prairie
  • Horticultural
  • Fruit plantation
  • Corn and pulses



Disinfected and stabilized product, obtained by aerobic biological decomposition (including the thermophilic phase), of biodegradable organic matter under controlled conditions (Regulation (EC) N ° 1069/2009).

Raw materials: Waste animal tissue - Shellfish shell (60-80%) and animal manure (20-40%).

Product certified by INTERECO for use in Organic Agriculture according to Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and 889/2008.



Celtacal+® is the only organic amendment and liming fertilizer made in Galicia from natural aragonite. Obtained from mollusk shells, aragonite is a type of calcium carbonate with 18% more solubility than calcite, the main liming component on the market. In addition, Celtacal+® has a capacity to neutralize the pH of acid soils up to 43%.



  • Unlike other liming products on the market, the use of Celtacal+® + on farms gives you the possibility of liming and fertilizing in the same application.
  • High content of organic nutrients.
  • A high content of Phosphorus and Magnesium occurs naturally thanks to the raw materials with which it is made. Its organic origin provides secondary elements and micro-elements necessary for the development of plants and which contribute to improving the structure of the soil, the capacity of water retention and to accelerate the biological processes which take place there.
  • The beneficial biological content of Celtacal+® contributes to improving the health of the soils to which it is applied.
  • The use of Celtacal+® prevents attacks of moles.
  • It is fully compatible with other fertilizers. It is not toxic by excess.



The recommended application dose of Celtacal+® is 600 to 900 grams per m2 (1-1.5 L / m2). To establish a personalized dose, it would be necessary to have an analysis of the soil where the product is to be applied.

Celtacal+® is suitable for application in all types of crops to be carried out in acid soils, in particular in:

  • Vineyard
  • Prairie
  • Horticultural
  • Fruit plantation
  • Corn and pulses

For a direct action of liming, it is recommended to spread it uniformly over the whole agricultural area and, as far as possible, to incorporate it at a depth of 10-20 cm so that its benefits affect the surface which will colonize the plant root system. It is also possible to apply it under cover.

ECOCELTA recommends respecting the regulations and codes of good agricultural practice in force at the time of fertilization.