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  • Yucca Carnerosana
    Yucca Carnerosana
  • Dasylirion Miquihuanensis
    Dasylirion Miquihuanensis
  • Yucca Filifera
    Yucca Filifera
  • Ferocactus cylindraceus
    Ferocactus cylindraceus

ZEELIMPEX B.V. is a Dutch company importing and exporting ornamental and desert plants as well as liquid and solid organic fertilizers and biological substrates.


We mainly import Dasylirions, Yuccas, Cactuses, Agaves and Aloes from Mexico, palm trees and Olive trees from various countries around the world.


ZEELIMPEX B.V. is the exclusive distributor for the Benelux, the Gulf countries and Ecuador of ECOCELTA products.


ECOCELTA GALICIA SL is a Galician company dedicated to the manufacture of organic fertilizers and soil amendments intended for use as fertilizers in horticulture, agriculture and gardening as well as biological substrates based on algae and shells of molluscs. ECOCELTA scientists created "Celtacal +", the new and unique organic liming amendment made in Galicia from natural aragonite.


We have chosen to use and distribute ECOCELTA products because they are completely natural, without additives or synthetic nutrients, with a high fertilizer value, which restores essential nutrients, organic matter and microbiota to the soil.


It is with ECOCELTA products that we have obtained the best results for our plants, as well as producers of roses in Ecuador with the liquid vermicompost.


Celtacal+ is being further developed for use specially adapted to the climate of the Gulf countries.